Hair extensions, before-after

Our Hair Extensions skills. We meet all the Challenges !

Better than words ! We want to show you what we are capable of, by showing you real women’s “before and after” pictures (no Photoshop enhanced models !)

We will call the women on the above picture : Kelly (alias). Believe it or not, Kelly is on the left and Kelly is on the right. Both women on the above picture are in fact the same person.

Kelly was looking for change, and BHI Hairstyle took care of her incredible transformation.

The task was so complex and the risk of failure so high that no other hair salon dared to meet the challenge !

First Step

Before starting such a huge task, with the help of our computer specialist, a preview photo montage has been created and shown to Kelly.

On the picutre below :

- A: The starting point : a real photo of Kelly.

- B: The photo montage used to convince Kelly to start the job :)

- C: A real photo of the result.

Hair extensions by BHI Hairstyle

Second Step

For this particular case, the hair extensions job took more than 8 hours (usually, for hair extensions, it takes about 2-3 hours).

One of the first things to do was to determine the required quantity of hair strands, their length and the desired colour.

Then, the goal was to color the hair of Kelly with the exact same colour of the hair extensions.

On the picture below, you can see Kelly with original colour (on the left) and then (on the right) with brown colored hair, the colour she chose.

Hair extensions by BHI Hairstyle

Step 3

This step is step is the most interesting but also the longest.

Thank to Janeth, our hair extensions specialist ! She's the one who made this amazing transformation possible !

On the picture below, you can see Janeth applying hair extensions on Kelly.

Hair extensions by BHI Hairstyle

Last Step

We can finally appreciate the result of this incredible tranformation !

On the picture below, you can see Joël (the Boss) very proud of the great job done by his hair extension specialist.

Hair extensions by BHI Hairstyle


When you make a high quality and incomparable Job, you receive incredible feedback on social networks !

Just look on the picture below :)

Hair extensions by BHI Hairstyle